Bluedessert cow’s milk – wild berries

Bluedessert cow’s milk – wild berries


AOC cow’s milk blue cheese.
Bluedessert Wildberries is characterised by a fruity aroma and unique and appetizing taste. The rind, pinkish in colour, is covered in wild berries of the valley which makes it resemble a cake. Its soft texture, characterized thus by this fruity fragrance, gives the cheese a sweet and enveloping flavour.

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Ingredients: pasteurized cow milk 97,44%, salt 2,5%, rennet 0,04%, calcium chloride 0,02%, lactic ferments 0,008%,
Penicillium 0,001%.
Allergens: milk and milk products (including lactose and milk proteins)
M.G.S.S.: 50%
Minimum seasoning: 30 to 40 days
Origin: France

Store maximum at + 8°

Net weight 2,5 kg – Diameter 210 mm and 90 mm hell.

NUTRITIONAL DECLARATION – Average values for 100gr

Energy Fats Carbohydrates Protein Fiber Salt
1410kJ/340kcal 28g of which AG saturated: 20g 1g of which sugar: 0.5g 21g 0.5g 2.6g


Escherichia coli: m=10.000; M=100.000
Staphylococcus aereus/g: m=100; M=1000
Monocitogenic Lists/25g: assente n=5, c=0
Salmonella/25g: absent n=5, c=0

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