Deliveries and Costs


FOOD perishable products:

SDA contracted couriers.

WINE or non-perishable products conditions:

Minimum order 1 box.

Delivery time ¾ working days form the order.

For any information you can call 0039 0439 568120 or write an email to


SHIPMENTS in the European Community

For the FOOD air transport is used and delivery takes place in 2 days.

Packaging and transport of fresh products

For perishable foodstuffs, both fresh and frozen, suitable packaging is used to maintain the cold chain, in quantities sufficient to guarantee temperatures for the entire duration of transport.

In particular:

  1. expanded polystyrene with a thickness of 3 mm with relative cover and protective cardboard
  2. the Ice Gel 500g, for goods that is kept between or and 4°C, (DRYCE which is a cold storage system that regulates the internal temperature of the containers
  3. for frozen products dry dryce is used, which starts at a temperature of -78°C. Also regulated in the quantities allows to keep the frozen product up to destination.

The main characteristics of the Ice Gel are:

  • Hight capacity of accumulation of frigories;
  • It is not perishable and toxic unlike dry ice;
  • Does not cause thermal shock;
  • Handling is simple and safe;
  • It is a product compatible with foodstuffs (Law 155 haccp).

How the Ice Gel is used:
The 500 g Gel packs they are put in cold rooms for 24 hours.
Taken from the storage cold room are placed inside the boxes of polystyrene, along with the products to be shipped, on the basis of a calculation that varies with seasonality.

The quantities of Ice Gel, certified by DRYCE Italia, for 22 liter containers, those that I normally use, are:

From October until the end of March, temp. Max external 15/18°C:

24h°° winter period n°1 bag of 500 gr
48h°° winter period n°2 bags of 500 gr
72h°° winter period n°3 bags of 500 gr

From April until the end of September temp. max external 25/30° C:

24h°° summer period nà 3 envelope of 1500 gr
48h°° summer period n. 6 bags of 3000 gr
72h°° summer period n. 9 bags of 4500 gr